UTRGV will start using TurningPoint Cloud (Clickers), the latest software version from Turning Technologies, in Spring 2017. All students are required to have a Turning Account and License to receive polling grades.

Students will need to have this for any class that requires the use of clickers, please refer to your course syllabus to find our if your class requires this technology.

Purchase Your Device and License

Do not purchase any Clicker or Turning license before you read the information listed in the “Purchase Clicker/License” link.

Student Rebate Offer

In order to reduce student costs, Turning Technologies is offering a $20.99 rebate on purchases of one-year subscriptions for students who have purchased devices within the past 3 years. Click here for more information about this rebate.

Create Your Turning Account and Register Your Device

Before you can participate with the polling in classroom, you need to register your Clicker/License. Click here for more information on creating your Turning Account.


Click here for more information on TurningPoint (Clickers).